Friday, May 27, 2016

Bull Mutilated in Cascade, Montana June 23, 2016

A Montana rancher sent me an email and photos today regarding the death and mutilation of one of his bulls. The bull was fine on Saturday, but found dead on Monday. 

It is more unusual to find mutilated bulls than cows. The rancher described the typical findings - no blood on site, clean cuts, and commonly found missing parts. 

The following is the witnesses email to me: (with permission)


Have had an incident about 15 miles west of Cascade, MT. Don't know what else to say. I've never seen anything like it until today. I've looked online for similar occurrences and found many. Missing tongue, missing genitalia, right eyeball missing with what appears to be a burn mark below the socket, right ear cut off, anus cored out. We've determined by witnesses that this bull was alive last Saturday, but was seen dead last Monday. Today a friend (the owner) asked another friend and me to come look it over.

There is not much blood, there were no vehicle tracks, no human footprints other than those of the people who've gone to the site subsequent to the death of the animal. Another part that is consistent with other incidents I've been reading about this evening is the fact that we have a great number of coyotes and scavenger type birds out here - yet the carcass hasn't been touched. Very few flies...nearly no insects on the carcass. There is a Minuteman missile silo in plain sight from the position of the bull. I've spent the last hour reading the various reports online about these incidents and there are just too many exactly matching similarities not to send this your way. 

Photos copyrighted by the owner. 

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Friday, January 15, 2016

What giant bird is at Blue Springs Lake?

A new report just came in from three witnesses who saw a gigantic bird at Blue Springs Lake (also near Lake Jacomo) in Blue Springs, Missouri. A mother and two of her grown children were driving in the area and saw a huge bird fly overhead, over trees, then swoop up and over a hill. They said that the bird was a dark brown color and did not resemble and eagle or hawk, and that the wingspan was a minimum of 10' wide.

The three witnesses checked to see if they could find the bird that they saw and could find no match.

Other reports have been received of very large birds in Missouri with wing spans up to 30'.  These other reports have been from Independence, Missouri, south of St. Louis in a rural area near the Missouri River bluffs, and another in Blue Springs. In all cases the birds have been seen near water.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cattle Mutilation in Colorado Dec 13, 2015

Another cow mutilation was discovered by a rancher near Trinidad, Colorado. Two 1100 pound female cows were found with unusual wounds, one was dead, the the other alive but with internal injuries. The rancher contacted Chuck Zukowski to investigate. Chuck's report is here:

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cow Mutilation in McPherson County KS Jan 3

According to the news website, a cow was found dead and mutilated on a ranch in McPherson County, Kansas on January 3. The rancher is baffled by the incident and has offered a reward to catch the perpetrator.

According the sheriff, a bull was found dead and mutilated in a nearby county two weeks prior.

The location is near 38 degrees latitude, which is where investigators have noted that animal mutilations often occur in Missouri and Colorado. Do we have another round of animal mutilations starting on this line again?

See the article here:

Margie Kay is investigating the incident and will file an update as soon as possible. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

2011 Animal Mutilation Reported Today


A rancher from Clinton, Missouri called today to report two animal mutilations that occurred in December of 2011. The rancher did file a report with the Sheriff and called the local news station.The reporter called but did not visit the site.

The rancher found the first cow on a Thursday morning in December of 2011 with her tail severed and lying on the ground next to the animal, and the anus seemingly cored out. There was no blood and there were no other injuries.

The next morning the rancher found the entire herd gathered around in a circle and was suspicious that another cow had been killed. He walked to the area and found a second cow lying dead on the ground, but with more severe injuries and missing udder, part of the jaw cut out, one eye cut out and the tongue missing. There was no blood on the animal or on the ground.

The rancher found no tracks on the property from vehicles, and the locked gates were undisturbed. Both animals were moved to another location at the back of the property to decompose. Notably, the other cows have not gone near the decomposing bodies of the animals or the locations where they bodies were found. Additionally, no scavenger birds or animals ate on the carcasses, which the rancher says is very odd.

Margie Kay is the editor of Un-X News Magazine and host of Un-X News Radio Show

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Missouri Cattle Mutilation 2014

Large deer or elk head found on pristine snow in Montana in 2002

This historic animal mutilation report was filed by a witness visiting West Yellowstone, Montana in April 2002. The witness found a mutilated head of a deer or elk while hiking in pristine white snow. No blood was found near the head and it appeared to have precise cuts in several areas that were unlike predator wounds. The hiker was so scared, he took off and left for home quickly before saying goodbye to friends. 

From the MUFON database: 

"...I came upon the head of either a deer or elk in the Gallatin Ntl. Forest in Montana at approx. +44.823916 -111.245975. There is a mountain called
Mt. Hebgen near this area. I had spent a few days in April 2002 volunteering for an animals rights group and we were out in the field all day long - snow still on the ground; sunny days but cold nights. The cabin where we stayed was on the North side of Hebgen Lake Road. During one of my volunteer days, I saw a dead deer along the Madison River - clearly it had perished from the winter cold and had some predator marks on it. Large wolf prints were abundant in the area; howls at night. Elk and deer were spotted and lots of Buffalo. On the morning that I was to leave, I had a horrible urge to hike up into the mountains to the North of the cabin. I just HAD to hike. I got started early in the morning around 7 a.m. as the rest of the volunteers went out toward the Hebgen Lake area for another day of volunteering.

The organization provides boots and snow shoes as well as other winter gear for volunteers in an outside shed. I put on boots but chose not to use snowshoes because I did not think I would be out long and the snow was frozen from the night before enabling one to walk on top of it. It had lightly snowed the previous night and there was about 2 to 3 inches of powder snow over the old, hard snow. I marveled at the beauty of the snow on the evergreen trees. My boots crunched against the frozen snow but I was able to easily walk on it though it was a bit slow because of the incline and also because I had to maneuver a bit through the trees. After a while there was almost a path in which I could easily pass between the trees. I was heading North and to my left I could see some rocky outcroppings and as the sun came out, it hit these and made a beautiful site. Birds were chirping. 

For some reason, the fact that there was the light, fresh snow all around me was very much in my mind. I have no idea how long it was before I came around a corner and before me was a clearing of sorts which looked like one could then go toward the left or proceed a bit to the right. But in the middle of this clearing I saw a dark object and as I proceeded closer I realized it was the head of a large deer or small elk. I immediately became spooked because the snow all around it was untouched. The powder-type show was pristine in that clearing and there was the head lying there somewhat facing me as if someone had carefully placed it there. There was no neck. No blood on the snow or on the head anywhere. The clean, pure snow really did spook me - the observation that there was NO snow on the head added to my growing fright. I think it was around this point that I realized that there were no birds chirping. It was extremely silent and I could hear my breath and I was sweating (most likely due to the hike). 

Though I was scared,I actually crept toward the head and stooped down at the right, front side to look closely. The ears were gone. Not torn out but as if sliced off and I recall that I could see a hole into the head where the right ear used to be. The left ear hole was not as visible from where I was. I noted that there was no indication that the animal had had horns. Either a young animal or a female (deer or elk I just don't know). The eyes were missing, too. Cleanly removed in circles so that there were two blank holes. The upper and lower lips were also gone so I could see the teeth. I tried to reason in my head that if a predator did it, it would be torn/jagged and not a smooth cut as this was. I do not know if the tongue was gone because the mouth was closed - just missing its lips. Again, there were no prints of any animals around and the snow was pristine all around this head - it was in a clearing with no trees overhead. Another observation that really spooked me was the fact that the skull had a perfect round hole in the top of it. I have to estimate that it was about the size of a half-dollar. It was cleanly cut - again, I thought to myself if a predator wanted to eat the brain, how in the world could it make a cleanly cut hole like that. I could not really see down into the head but it did appear that the brain was missing. The fur did not look decomposed - in fact, if it were not for these other oddities, the head and the fur looked to be in good condition. Fresh. Not old and decomposing or mis-shapen. 

Again, I compare this with the site of the dead deer on the Madison River which had clearly been roughed up by predators. This was not. The silence was really getting to me. The fact that there were no prints or other disturbances around the head - the fact that it appeared to have been placed or dropped there from above - and the silence really scared me. I remember backing up and thinking over and over in my head "this can't be a mutilation could it?", "this can't be a mutilation could it?". It was not a cow or a horse. It was just a head - not an entire animal. But how could you explain such a sight AND to put the final nail in the coffin, everything around had a light dusting of snow on it EXCEPT for this head - no snow on it. It was on top of the freshly laid snow. It was as if someone was mocking me - I turned to head back to where I had come from. The sun was out now and unbelievably, my feet were now breaking through the snow and it would go up to my knees or thighs as I had to push my way through the snow. Slow going because of this. 

By the time I got back to the cabin, it was around 11:30 a.m. and I was exhausted. I took off my boots and left them in the outside shed where all of the other supplies were kept. I did not go in to say goodbye to anyone. I just felt like I had to get out of there. I felt embarrassed that I had gone hiking alone without telling anyone (everyone knows you do not go hiking alone or not tell anyone where you are going) - and I also thought that it was stupid of me to not have used snowshoes. There was just something strange about how I felt and acted when I returned to the cabin. My bags were already in my car and I was just concerned about getting back to Ogden, Utah in a decent amount of time (where my mom lived). I felt it was important to share this on MUFON - I have been a MUFON FI in So. CA for a couple of years now, and have never had the time to submit this. I am hoping that this information will be helpful as more information is gathered on mutilations. I have had strange experiences my entire life, but on that particular morning, I - truthfully - would have more expected to run into a Sasquatch than a mutilated head which was the farthest thing from my mind that morning when I had that urge to take a hike."

This report is very similar to others, despite the lack of a body, the head had typical mutilation-type wounds and there was no blood anywhere. Seemingly, the head was dropped from above, which would explain the lack of prints in the snow.